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By: Jim Moran
Review for 'How the Web Was Won'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Written By: Cerise Vablais & Tony Leininge

Page Count: 400

Cover Type: Softcover

Published By: Microsoft Press

Date Published: 07/1998

List Price: $29.99

Author's Site:

Students of American history may recall learning of the exploits of the men and women who blazed the trails across the Northern America frontier in search of gold and a home they could call their own. Many became well known. Many started their own businesses. Camps, houses, and towns sprang up. Statehood for many was just around the corner. America was growing. Likewise, many Web developers have blazed the early paths of the World Wide Web. Many of them have become successful. The World Wide Web has grown as well!

Cerise Vablais and Tony Leininger have edited How the Web Was Won to offer Website developers and online business people real life tips, strategies, case studies, and some of the war stories experienced along the Web development trail. Couched in the language of the Wild West, How the Web Was Won provides Website designers and business professionals with the insight they need to best adapt their time, talent, and resources to achieve favorable results in today's fast-growing online world.

The authors provide a rich blend of Web history, Web design concepts, and business principles creatively woven together to inspire their readers to blaze new trails of successful online business. Readers learn from the past and will be encouraged to forge into new territory themselves. To help them along the book features a corral full of professionals in the fields of Web development, business, communications, marketing, consulting, public relations, multimedia, and computer programming. Their significant contributions throughout the book provide a goldmine of learning opportunities intended to spur further involvement of their readers.

Highlights from the book includes advice on putting together an effective team of Website designers who know computers, graphics, and marketing strategies. Planning a site is important. Keep up on the latest trends in technology. Know your audience and set your goals before Website construction begins. Know what browser or browsers you are designing for. Keep Website design simple, quick-loading, and accessible to a wide number of online community members. Keep up on business and legal issues as well.

The World Wide Web presents many challenges to Website designers and business people today. This concise and clearly written book will help them face the issues they need to know about. Learn from the online success stories featured in the book and then saddle-up and start blazing your own trails today. Happy Web trails to you!