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By: Audrey Miller
Review for 'Learn the Internet In Weekend'

Rating: 5 of out 6

Written By: William R. Stanek

Page Count: 400

Cover Type: Softcover

Published By: Prima Publishing

Date Published: 12/1997

List Price: $19.99

Author's Site: http://www.webdevelopersjourna...

Learn the Internet in a Weekend provides readers with the tools necessary to enjoy the Internet to its fullest potential.  One might think that only beginners would need this book, but it may be useful to anyone wanting to know the finer points of what the Internet is all about. William R. Stanek does not waste a lot of time with technical jargon to confuse his reader. His approach is standard American easy-reading English, which makes it possible to read Learn the Internet in a Weekend in a weekend.

The book is divided into five parts: Friday evening, Saturday morning, Saturday evening, Sunday morning and Sunday evening. One can spend the recommended four hours for each part although, as the author states, it's up to the reader to allocate his/her time.

Chapters include:

  • Introducing the Net and the Web
  • Getting Connected
  • Surfing the Web
  • Working  with Your Browser
  • E-mail: The Basics
  • Managing Your Mail
  • News and Discussion
  • Participating in Discussion Groups
  • Mailing Lists: Another Kind of Discussion Group
  • Chatting it Up on the Net
  • Files and Your Web Browser
  • Transferring Files from the Web and Beyond
  • Accessing the Computer Next Door with Telnet
  • Working with the Web's Search Engines and Directories
  • Finding the Best of the Web and the World
  • Finding People and Business
  • Going Shopping Online
  • Playing Games with Applets and Plug-Ins
Finally, the appendix explains to the absolute beginner how to download Netscape Communicator and Internet Explorer.

I have nothing negative to say about Learn the Internet in a Weekend.  Even though I am not an absolute beginner, I came away learning things I did not know or had overlooked.