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By: Jim Moran
Review for 'The Non-Designer's Web Book'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Written By: Robin Williams and John Tollet

Page Count: 287

Cover Type: Softcover

Published By: Peachpit Press

Date Published: 10/1997

List Price: $29.95

Author's Site:

The Internet is quickly becoming the most popular form of information sharing today. Many are flocking to joining the already swelling ranks of online users. Many aspire to market their own products and services. Others set out to design Websites for themselves and for others for fun or profit. Robin Williams and John Tollett teamed up to write The Non-Designer's Web Book to offer readers a no-nonsense approach to designing Websites.

This book provides Website designers from novices to net gurus with the basic know-how necessary for designing, creating, and posting Websites. Measuring 10 3/4" by 7", essential Website design information seems to literally jump from the pages of this handy book. Quality screenshots, graphics images, good layout design, and the down-to-earth approach employed by Williams and Tollett lend themselves to effective learning.

The authors present concise information on a number of Website design concepts. Readers will learn about basic design principles, search engines, frames, alignment considerations, Web coloring, graphic image formats, META tags, navigation, font and sizes, animation, and more. The authors are quick to point out many of the errors that plague Websites today. A chapter on advanced tips and tricks offers some creative ideas to add that special sparkle to a site and to get around common design restraints. For instance, aspiring designers will learn how to break up an image to allow for the quick loading of Web animations!

Being more than just a book on creative Website design, it serves as an effective teaching tool as well. The authors encourage reader participation throughout the learning process laid down in the book. By reading the book from cover to cover readers will treat themselves to a well-planned education in Website design. To keep readers on their toes the authors provide some thoughtful quizzes and checklists to gauge one's Website design comprehension ability.

This is a top-notch book. The authors call upon their combined years of Website design and classroom teaching experience to convey to their readers an approachable level of instruction not offered in most books. The book is concise, beautifully illustrated, easy to read, and is just the right size to keep near your computer. Keep it within easy reach while you design your own Websites. It is also ideal for classroom use. Highly recommended!