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By: Jim Moran
Review for 'Poor Richard's Web Site'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Written By: Peter Kent

Page Count: 448

Cover Type: Softcover

Published By: Top Floor Publishing

Date Published: 01/1998

List Price: $37.95

Author's Site:

The Internet has become the home of a number of Websites offering information on a variety of issues, products, and services. Would you like to join us? Need help? There are plenty of fine books around to help you design a good Website. They offer different levels of instruction for a variety of reading audiences. Peter Kent has written Poor Richard's Web Site to help the average non-technically inclined person to design an effective Website and to have an effective online presence.

This book stands out from most other Website design books because the author writes from his own personal experience. His personal interest shows as he guides his readers along. His personal involvement throughout the book offers his readers, particularly those new to the online scene, the confidence they need to succeed online. It is user-friendly, avoiding the big hype and technical jargon found in many other books.

The author provides extensive help on a variety of Website matters such as determining if a Website is necessary, selecting Website hosting companies, selecting and using HTML authoring tools, Website design tips, taking orders online, registering domain names, registering Websites with Internet search engines, searching the Internet for prospective clients, advertising, and applying effective marketing principles.

One notable feature of the book is the listing of hundreds of Website links offering additional Website design assistance, marketing help, graphic images, scripts, online payment information, and other important help. A companion Website for the book features an extensive updated listing of these Websites. The author offers his readers a truly amazing collection of additional resources!

This book targets aspiring Website designers who need help setting up an online presence. If you are short on time, money, and experience this book will provide all the help you need. It's packed! Keep it within your reach while designing your Websites. Highly recommended!