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By: Audrey Miller
Review for 'Professional Web Design'

Rating: 5 of out 6

Written By: Molly E. Holzschlag

Page Count: 369

Cover Type: Softcover

Published By: Prima Publishing

Date Published: 9/1996

List Price: $40.00

Author's Site: http://www.webdevelopersjourna...

Professional Web Design is really an overview of what professional Web design is all about. Molly E. Holzschlag takes us through the history of Web development to our modern day design efforts.  This book can be used by all who need to brush on Web development skills, as well as the beginning Web developer.

Part one of the book focuses on the history of Web development and what Web design is all about.  Though the author appeals to all, her main focus is on the design team and not an individual Web designer with many hats.

Part two, with only two short chapters, focuses on the need for standards in HTML code, to make designing easier for the designer. It also briefly summarizes browsers and what is needed to make them work to get one's content across.

Part three emphasizes the creation of Web sites.  Molly E. Holzschlag provides two actual case scenarios encountered by her design team from DesertNet.  One was an ideal client, Gadabout, and the other, to say the least, was not.

The final part, part four, goes into analysis of her design paradigms:
  • Content and copy writing
  • HTML
  • Graphic design
  • Multimedia
  • Programming
  • System Administration and
  • Marketing
The book includes appendices (A-F) with the following resources:
  • Writing Resources
  • HTML Resources
  • Graphic Design Resources
  • Multimedia Resources
  • Programming Resources and
  • Systems Administration Resources
Professional Web Design is a good book for those seeking to understand what Web design is all about.  My only dislike was the author's initial battle about who the book was geared towards, the lone Web designer or the Web design team. When she finally emphasized a design team orientation, the book became its own, for focus and information on Web design.