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By: Jim Moran
Review for 'Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Written By: Andy Shafran

Page Count: 352

Cover Type: Softcover

Published By: Muska & Lipman Publishing

Date Published: 12/2000

List Price: $39.95

Author's Site:

There are plenty of fine graphics programs available on the market to meet the variety of Website design needs we face. One of them everyone should be familiar with is Paint Shop Pro produced by JASC Software. This program has been a smashing hit with graphics designers who don't have the time, money, and patience to invest with more elaborate programs. Andy Shafran has written Creating Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics to offer creative instructions on how to create dynamic Web graphics with the new 7.0 version of this popular program.

Although Paint Shop Pro (PSP) may not have every feature offered by more elaborate and expensive graphics programs, it still packs a powerful punch. Shafran brings out the beauty and fine qualities of PSP to create stunning results that rival work produced with the best graphics programs in the industry. He proves beyond a doubt that you need not spend hundreds of dollars to produce acceptable graphics images for Website design use!

By simply thumbing through this well designed and colorfully illustrated book your eyes will be opened up to just how creative you can become. The screen shots and color images are the best I've seen in any book! PSP 5 offers many new features that are clearly addressed in the book, such as the cool "picture tubes" feature. Following the instructions provided in the book can transform users into instant successes. They will be able to produce work identical to what is seen in this book and be inspired to venture out on their own to create their own works of art!

To add to the extensive amount of instruction provided in the book the author has set up a Website that offers supplemental information that will be of further help to users. Listings of Websites are provided to offer examples of created work, graphics images, and other helps. After reading through this book I came away with the impression that the author not only loves his work but that he also enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. His enthusiasm is evidenced throughout the book!

The Internet has become an exciting means of sharing all sorts of information. Good graphics are an important factor that cannot be short-changed. This fascinating book will help PSP 5 users to create outstanding Web graphics in a timely, efficient, and professional manner. This is the best book available for this program to date, putting even the owner's manual to shame! This is a must-have book for all graphics designers who have made PSP their program of choice!