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By: Jim Moran
Review for 'Effective Web Animation'

Rating: 6 of out 6

Written By: J. Scott Hamlin

Page Count: 309

Cover Type: Softcover

Published By: Addison-Wesley

Date Published: 5/1999

List Price: $45

Author's Site:

When the Web development craze began years ago everyone was out to show off their Web design talent with the few bells & whistles that were available to them back then. Remember the movement offered by those early GIF animations that caught attention and soon became more of a curse to Web design than a blessing? Times have changed and Web design has turned another corner. With the heavy use of graphics in the designing of user navigational interfaces, Web animation appears to be making a serious comeback!

J.Scott Hamlin is on the cutting edge of Web graphics design and his book Effective Web Animation offers a new look and fresh approach to incorporating animated imagery. According to Hamlin serious Web graphics design goes far beyond the simple GIF animations of poorer quality and performance that just about anyone can create. Image size, color quality, interactivity, accompanying audio, and faster delivery over the Internet are factors that have led to new Web animation technologies. Are we ready to face them?

Hamlin lays a foundation for Web animation on the professional level for serious minded Web designers who must face new graphic design consideration demands. Hamlin offers detailed instruction involving the use of JavaScript, Photoshop, and Macromedia Flash and the results are phenomenal. This book contains many well-planned and beautifully designed graphic images and the tips and advanced techniques necessary to create comparable results. The accompanying CD features sample code, animations, demoware, and tutorials for further instruction opportunities.

Web animation is making a comeback and Web graphics design has become serious business. Hamlin's contribution in the form of this book is essential for those designers who want to graduate to a higher level of Web design mastery and income. Clients are wising up to the many Web technologies available to them and are becoming more discerning about how they spend their advertising dollars. Don't be left behind. Consider animating your Web creations today. This is must reading for any potential web animator!