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Here we have orgenized all of Animation Library's categories into an open war that scales based on the number of animations they have. This is done merely for your amusement purposes, and hope you can make use of it one way or another.

Barn Animals Bears and Pandas Birds Butterflies Cats Chickens and Turkeys Deer and Moose Dinosaurs Dogs Dolphins and Whales Dragons Ducks and Geese Eagles and Hawks Elephants Fish Flamingos and Swans Foxes and Wolves Frogs Giraffes and Zebras Hippos and Rhinos Horses Insects Jungle Cats Mice Other Animals Other Reptiles Other Rodents Owls Penguins Pigs Primates and Monkeys Rabbits Seals and Walruses Sharks Worms and Snails Accessories Bags and Briefcases Childrens Clothes Glasses Hats and Wigs Jewerly Mens Clothes Shoes Socks and Underwear Swimsuit Wallets Womens Clothes Air Conditioners Audio Equipment Cameras Communication Devices Computers and Parts Email Gears Lamps and Bulbs Office Stuff Robots Television Aliens Anime Bunny People Cartoon Characters Cartoons Simpsons Chrono Trigger Diablo Fairies Fairy Tale Game Characters Gnomes and Woodfolk Mozilla Peter Pan Pokemon Scarecrows Scary Monsters Smiles Smurfs Super Heroes Uncle Sam Unicorns and Pegasus Warcraft Witches Wizards Bathroom Stuff Buildings Candles and Torches Chains Clocks Cosmetics and Perfumes Doors and Gates Explosives Fire Fountains Furniture Guns and Cannons High-Rises Kaleidoscopes Knifes and Saws Lava Lamps Locks and Keys Love Money Musical Instruments Paint and Brushes Peace and Hippies Ray Guns Sleep Smoking Stationery Tools Trash and Garbage Windows Alcoholic Beverages BBQ and Picnics Bread Candy Cold Beverages Condiments Desserts Fruits Hot Beverages Main Dishes Other Food Salted Snacks Sandwiches Utensils Vegetables American History Asia Canadian Flags Cavemen Compasses Egypt Europe International Flags Islands Native Americans Other Natives Planet Earth Russia State Flags Vikings Adventure Travel Art and Sculpture Beach Books Carnival Carousels Circus Dances-Classic Dances-Ethnic Dances-Fast Dolls Excitement Fishing Games and Gambling Jesters Kites Magic Midway Movies Music and Notes Newspapers Pool and Billiard Rocking Horses Sewing and Stitching Strange Entertainment Theater Toy Soldiers Toys Travel Birthday Chinese New Year Easter Fathers Day Fireworks and Firecrackers Halloween Independence Day Kwanzaa Mexican Holidays Mothers Day Other Holidays Party Party Balloons Saint Patricks Day Thanksgiving Wedding Winter holidays Actors and Directors Astronauts Babies Barbers and Beauticians Bullfighters Computer Programmers Construction and Maintance Cooks and Chefs Cowboys Criminals Dentists Farmers and Gardeners Fire Fighters Hotel Workers International Police Justice System Lumberjacks Maids and Cleaners Medical Jobs Miners and Diggers Musicians and Singers Office and Businessmen Painters Photographers Pilots and Stuards Police Politicians Punks Roman Soldiers Royalty Sailors and Pirates Scientists Security Soldiers Spies and Investigators Steelworkers Students Teachers Vendors Waiters and Barmen Flowers Other Plants Rainbows Snow Stars Sun Trees Waterfalls Weather 3D Metal Alphabets Arrows Candy Canes Changing colors Clouds Colored glass Colorful Gold Others Rounded marble Sand Silver Spinning gold Winter Wooden Angels Biblical Figures Christian Devils Jewish Monks and Nuns Other Religions Priests and Ministers Yin-Yangs Astronomy Bones and Skulls Charts and Graphs Ecology Eyes Genetics and Medicine Hands and Feet Heads Medical Organs Medicines Mouths Physics Science Tools Air Sports Auto Racing Awards and Trophies Baseball Basketball Bowling Bycicling Canoes and Sailboats Cheerleaders Fighting Sports Football (American) Golf Gymnastics Hockey Hula and Jumprope Ice Skating Martial Arts More Sports Other Exercises Roller Sports Skiing and Snowboarding Soccer Tennis and Ping-Pong Track and Field Water Sports Weightlifting Auto Parts Balloons and Blimps Buses and RVs Cars Heavy Machinery Helicopters Motorcycles Planes Rockets and Shuttles Sea related Signs and Signals Trains Trucks UFOs Arrows Bullets Counters Lines Random Shapes Under Construction Back and Next Click Here Coming Soon Cool Enter Free Home Hot Links New Open Other Words Updated Warnings Welcome Signs Wow