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Graphic Design Books

Reviews of different books that will teach you all ins and outs of everything related to graphic design and animation. Books that we reviewed range from those that will teach you how to make your first animation to those that will tell you how to create a complex 3 Dimensional model.

Adobe Photoshop 6 Classroom (6/6 Rating)
8/14/01 Learn all ins and outs of Photoshop 6
Designing Web Graphics 3 (6/6 Rating)
8/14/01 Learn to design graphics and websites
Effective Web Animation (6/6 Rating)
8/14/01 Animation techniques for the web
Getting Started With 3D (5/6 Rating)
8/14/01 Enter the world of 3D graphics
Inside 3D Studio MAX (5/6 Rating)
8/14/01 Everything there is to know about 3D Studio Max
Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics (6/6 Rating)
8/14/01 Learn to make great graphics with PSP 7
Photoshop 6 Effects Magic (6/6 Rating)
8/14/01 Create great effects in Adobe Photoshop
Producing Animation (5/6 Rating)
8/14/01 Excellent for TV and movie animators
The Animation Book (5/6 Rating)
12/30/2006 Another masterpiece by the Guru of animation
The Animation Master Handbook (6/6 Rating)
8/14/01 An exellent guidebook for Hash's Animation Master software